FAMECS 스킵네비게이션


Plant Factory Automation System


Automatic cultivation system

Plant Factory automatic system consists of a drive module that transports the tray, an environmental sensing module that controls the environment, a vision module that monitors the growth, and a main computer module.

Drive module controls the precise location of the tray movement, such as entrance of tray which planted plants, selecting and storing to grow and exit for harvesting.

Environmental sensing module consists of a number of temperature sensors, humidity sensors, optical sensors and CO2 sensors in the cultivation room. It monitors and controls the environment.

Vision module is monitoring system installed in the robot's shuttle and monitors the degree of growth from up and down, front and rear, right and left, and all directions through the office.

Main computer module is a main control system that collects information of drive module, environmental module and vision module. It takes charge of all control of the room according to work instructions and process data from collected information.


  • Mass production with minimum labor
  • Annual production through automation of environmental control
  • Eco-friendly agricultural production by constructing a space blocked from the outside



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